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Taking Care of My Vessel

My body is a vessel – the vessel that carries me through my life.  Therefore, if I expect to maneuver through all of the joys, sorrows, opportunities and challenges I may encounter along the way, I best take good care of it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few years ago, I read a quote, something to the effect of what I just wrote above.  I can’t remember the exact words so I guess I won’t worry about acknowledging the author – whose name I don’t remember.  But, the essence of the quote has stayed with me.  I googled  body/vessel to see if I could find the quote, with no success.  I did, however, find several other such mentions including some Biblical references to the body as a vessel.  Some of those verses referred to the body being the vessel that houses the spirit.  I can go along with that also – important to provide a safe spot for my spirit.

I have several activities I feel are important for keeping my body in good working order.

  • getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • exercising regularly – for me that means walking and sessions on the elliptical machine three to four times a week
  • maintaining a healthy diet (most of the time)
  • drinking lots of water each day (some of this is in the form of green tea)
  • getting monthly full-body massages
  • scheduling chiropractic adjustments every 6 weeks or so

I know there are other points that could be included in a list of wise things to do to keep a body going, but I focus most on the ones I mentioned above.  Adhering to these activities regularly has served me well.  I am a very healthy senior who, so far, needs no daily prescription medications; and, for the most part, I can still keep up with my two grandsons (6 years old and 9 years old) even so much as occasionally shooting baskets, or playing whiffle ball in the back yard with them.

I may elaborate on the topics mentioned above in future blogs because I do feel all are so very important.  For now, I thought I’d just let you know what helps me “ignore the wind” and keep my vessel afloat.






Saturday Morning – Small Town USA


Last day of May – a beautiful spring day in North Dakota.  On a road trip with hubby who had business in Minot.  I went along for the ride and to be company for him as he drove across the vast plains of that state.  (And, oh my gosh are those farm fields huge!) On the way back to Minnesota, we drove a not-so-traveled highway (scenic route??) from Minot to Jamestown where we caught Interstate 94.

Every few miles we passed through another small town.  Drinking coffee (him) and tea (me) we found need to stop and use the restroom in these small town convenience store/gas stations.  We encountered more than one place where we saw guys enjoying a sweet roll with their coffee and morning paper.  In one town we greeted a couple of store clerks who were standing outside enjoying an early morning smoke, and teasing a patron who was trying to clean the bugs off the front of his truck.  No one seemed to be in a hurry, all seemed to be in good moods.  Maybe it was too early in the day, or maybe it was because the population of these places is only 300-some, but there was no traffic noise, no lawn mower noise, or any people scurrying about.

I was struck by the silence and simplicity of life in these small towns – at least at that time of day on a weekend.  Being an introvert, I find the quiet very appealing.  I can experience this serenity in my own backyard in the city on an early spring morning also; but, soon it is disturbed by the hustle and bustle of neighbors out doing yard work or starting up their cars to speed off to do Saturday morning errands.  Everyone is busy and in a hurry.  Of course, I’d have to move alone if I ever decided to relocate to a small town – my husband, the extrovert, would never go for it.  He thrives on hustle and bustle.

So, for now, I’ll just have to relish these moments during travel when I can imagine the simple life in small town USA.  My dream would include a light yellow, two-story house with a beautiful wrap around porch.  The yard would be full of lilacs, irises and peonies.   I would be sitting on the porch with a lovely cup of tea, just relaxing!  It’s likely just an illusion, but it seems to me I could really be able to “ignore the wind” and find peace living in such a place.