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Follow-up on being in a slump…

In last week’s post, I whined about being in a slump and struggling to pull out of it.  I heard comments on that post from several of you through Facebook, phone calls, personal encounters, and emails.  Though I’m pleased to say I am in a much better place this week, your suggestions for overcoming a down period are worth sharing.

In addition to the actions I outlined in my post, I have taken your ideas that follow to heart…

  • More than one of you said, “don’t be so hard on yourself” – retirement is a time for going more slowly and relinquishing the idea that I must accomplish something every single day (and, besides, I am likely accomplishing something even if I don’t feel my activities are productive);
  • It was also noted retirement is a significant change in life and perhaps I need to acknowledge there is a grieving process that may happen for a few months …recognizing the impact of the loss of my work identity, the loss of the kudos/recognition I received while working;

    A beautiful, sunny autumn day
    A beautiful, sunny autumn day
  • A couple of people suggested my slump could be related to the cloudy, rainy weather Minnesota was experiencing.  I admit, weather does affect me.  I’m happy to report the past several days have been spectacular in terms of plenty of sunshine and warm autumn temps – I know this has helped my mood;
  • To overcome the dreariness of the weather and the waning daylight hours, it was suggested I could begin taking  Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin).  I haven’t yet started such a regimen (plenty of time for that in the winter), but I have made it a point to get outside to soak up some rays on these sunny days;

    Celosia at the Arb
    Celosia at the Arb
  • I was reminded that I should be more deliberate about taking my artist’s dates/creative excursions/playdates (whatever you want to call them) every week…activities for and by myself.  Happy to report I have ventured out a couple of times in the past two weeks – to the MN Landscape Arboretum, and to walk the labyrinth at Como Park in St. Paul;
  • My friend, Cheryl, said when she is down she makes it a point to get out of the house and do errands as they come up, instead of waiting until it is logistically practical to group some of them together…a change of scenery can be a day brightener;
  • Karen, my daughter-in-law, suggested it isn’t always easy to overcome the blues alone – she suggested taking  a class or joining a group to find support.  I am back at church on Thursday mornings with a wonderful group of ladies studying and discussing Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.  We have some very stimulating discussions.

I’m grateful for all of the suggestions you gave me, and thank each of you that took the time to comment.  It proves the old theory – two heads (or three or four) are better than one.  We all have different approaches to doing things; let’s keep sharing and learning from one another – supporting one another.

Let us keep ignoring the wind!