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Change is good…

I am feeling great today – must be eating enough protein and getting enough rest.  I just read Oprah’s What I Know for Sure column in her September 2014 magazine issue.  She talks about how we live in a state of  constant change, how we  need to make ourselves over daily in order to keep moving forward, and how to stay in that “steady makeover mode” in order to create the life we want.  She got me to pondering her advice and actually coming to the conclusion that I am working on making some changes in my life, so maybe I am moving forward!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Isn’t that special?!

So, what am I currently doing to keep moving forward?

  • listening to Radio Disney on SiriusXM radio (in my car), in hopes that I can relate to the kind of music my grand kids are starting to enjoy – whatever they call today’s popular music.  This could take me awhile to learn the names of the songs and the artists who sing them; I tend to listen to music from the 50s to the 80s.
  • taking a writing class – on blogging; I already mentioned this in a previous post.  For the most part, my classmates are accomplished, experienced writers, some with advanced degrees – not necessarily experienced bloggers, but nevertheless, it is somewhat intimidating for me to be in the midst of all this intelligence.  It is really interesting and fun to read what they write though, and I know I will learn from all of them.
  • wearing dangle earrings – this is part of my new quest to dress differently.  I tend to dress in a very classic, conservative style.  I admire those women who dress with a bit more flair – more artsy maybe.  I can’t even accurately describe what I am thinking; I know it when I see it.  Think clothing from J Jill, maybe Chico’s – hard for me to say since I buy most of my clothes in consignment stores; but changing my earrings from tiny hoops to something bolder is my first step in this change process.
  • upping the difficulty level on my elliptical machine workout.  For now, I am just raising the level for 5 minutes of the 20 minutes I work on the machine, but it is a step forward.
  • trying to eliminate refined sugars from my diet – yeah, right – this change is not going so well.  I am afraid I am incorrigible when it comes to quitting sugar!  Halloween candy at work and home right now is not helping.

You know, the wonderful thing about change is, we can change our mind about what we want to change every day, every week, every month…  Next week, I may decide to work on something else.  As long as I keep my vessel in good shape (see one of my previous posts for this concept), I can do anything I want to do!!  (Okay, so maybe I missed my window of opportunity to become an astronaut…good thing that has never been one of my ambitions.)

What are you doing to keep moving forward?  

Would love to hear from you – could be my next inspiration.

This is Scary…

It seems appropriate to have something in my life be scary during October what with Halloween occurring this month.  I have signed up for a 6-week online course from The Loft entitled, Becoming a Standout Blogger:  How to Create, Write & Grow a Compelling Blog.  (Really?!?)  Though I’m hoping to get ideas and tips on how to make this blog more interesting so you keep reading and hopefully enjoying it, I have to admit I am facing the beginning of the class this week with trepidation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. I haven’t taken a formal, several-week class for many a year.
  2. I have never participated in an online course.
  3. What if all my classmates are accomplished writers – maybe even published – can I keep up with them and not embarrass myself?

On the other hand –

  1. I am rather proud of myself that I have the courage to embark on this endeavor.
  2. I am grateful I can take this class from the comfort of my home.  The use of technology in this way is bound to teach me something I don’t know.
  3. I have always felt that you learn more in situations where you maybe are not the smartest or most accomplished person in the group.  Watching how others do things can be a great learning experience.

So, if you can be patient, I hope to come out of this scary experience with some new insights as to how to keep you interested in my posts.

Please stay tuned!