Monthly Archives: November 2016

What the world needs now…

is love sweet love.  It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.  What the world needs now is love sweet love, no not just for some but for everyone. 

Lyrics from a Dionne Warwick song back in the 60s, but how fitting for today’s world, if you ask me.  What with all the ugly news relating to politics, racial tension, terrorism, and more, couldn’t we all use just a little more love?

In no particular order, here are some ideas of what love looks and feels like to me:

  • Maxie painting a ceramic bowl especially for me, Grammy, – a “cookie jar”

    a "cookie jar" made for Grammy by Max
    a “cookie jar” made for Grammy by Max
  • Jack & Max (grandsons) playing with Peter (son to me and uncle to them) in the back yard – tossing and catching a football
  • hugs from Max
  • rocking a baby to sleep
  • singing to a baby or toddler
  • reading a story to a child
  • having coffee with Amy & Karen (daughter & daughter-in-law)
  • December shopping day with my girls
  • bookclub meetings with a special group of friends who have been meeting for over 15 years
  • having Dairy Queen treats with RC
  • making love with RC
  • family gatherings

    Love family gatherings
    family gatherings
  • gardening – making the backyard beautiful to enjoy with loved ones
  • sharing grandkids’ antics with RC or Amy, Dan, Pete, Karen (those of us who love them)
  • communicating 1:1 with someone – no distractions
  • enjoying any activity outdoors
  • kind words uttered to or from someone
  • kind deeds done for or from someone
  • RC taking care of my car – pumping gas, oil changes, tending to repairs
  • unexpected gifts
  • no questions asked, no explanations needed for the activities I choose to participate in or spend money on (freedom)
  • back rubs
  • phone calls from Jack or Max
  • attending the grandsons’ school happenings & sports activities
  • lunch with Pete once a month
  • getting together with good friends

    Enjoying fun times with friends
    fun times with friends
  • watching a movie with RC
  • a black & white cat curled up in my lap or on the chair behind my head (she’s gone now and I miss her)

I am very blessed to have all this love in my life.  I challenge you to make a list of the things that bring you love in your life.  If you choose to share by commenting below, I’d love to hear what you cherish.


Perhaps we can inspire one another to realize and recognize the loveliness of the world instead of the ugliness of the world!