Monthly Archives: June 2016

Try asking…

“Ask for what I want.”  That is my mantra for 2016.  Though not an original idea on my part, and sometimes I forget to follow through and actually ask, I think it is a worthy quest.

What will I ask for? 

Help.  Advice.  Wisdom.  Guidance.  Information.

I shared my resolution with RC (hubby).  His look in response led me to believe he is afraid of what I might ask for!  In the past, and unfortunately, still sometimes today, I wouldn’t ask for certain things or ask certain people for fear of getting a “no” answer, thinking I wasn’t justified in asking, or feeling embarrassed because I didn’t already have an answer to my question.   Then, when my wishful thinking, yet silence, didn’t result in getting what I wanted, I felt deprived or resentful.  Not good feelings.  Seems like a good plan to find a solution for not getting into those types of situations.

What do I have to lose?  Asking comes with no guarantees; but, there are the old adages, “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” and “you’ll never know until you ask.”    Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

If you, like me, don’t always ask for what you want, here are some suggestions for what you might consider asking for:

  • HELPthis is the most difficult one for me
    • help with household chores
    • help with running errands
    • help with laundry chores
    • help with entertaining
    • help with meal preparations or clean-up
  • TIME
    • time to get ready (for anything)
    • time for quiet
    • time for my choice of activities
    • time with family or friends
    • how to fix something or put something together
    • how to cook something
    • how to grow something
    • how to finance something
    • what book to read
    • what movie to see or TV program to watch
    • where to shop or dine
  • FORGIVENESS – no explanation needed here
    • listen when I speak
    • acknowledge my feelings
    • recognize my efforts
  • A RAISE OR PROMOTION - if you’re still in the workforce
  • A MIRACLE - what have you got to lose?

I think it is important that we ask politely, tactfully, and with an expression of gratitude for whatever answer we receive.  It helps to also be mindful of choosing an appropriate situation and time for your ask.

What would you like to ask for?  Please leave your ideas/comments below.          (There, I asked you for something.)

Proceed courageously and just ask!