Fall is No Time for Being in a Slump…

Wow, I have just spent about a week and half mostly doing nothing that I would call constructive or worthwhile.  This waste of time is alarming to me; but, I am having an awful time trying to pull out of the slump.

(See my last post where I tout relaxing, or a previous post claiming it’s good to be idle sometimes – both contradict what I am whining about in this post.  But, I didn’t mean we should relax or be idle ALL OF THE TIME!)

Since I just retired last December so this is my first fall not working, perhaps this slowdown is a normal state of mind, and I just have never noticed because previous years I was too busy.  Maybe the change of season does something to our psyche – or at least, to my psyche.  Though I don’t much like the season that follows, and I don’t like the fewer hours of daylight, I do enjoy autumn weather and nature’s beautiful colors at this time of year in Minnesota.  Why then am I experiencing a decrease in the amount of energy or gumption I have?

One should not be in a slump during such a beautiful season.
One should not be in a slump during such a beautiful season. (MN Landscape Arboretum)

So, though I can’t quite put my finger on the cause, I need to do something about this malady.  This morning, I resolved to try the following tactics to hopefully assist me in getting my butt off my chair and becoming productive again –

  • return to writing down (or at least mentally listing) five things each day for which I am grateful – back to keeping a gratitude journal to remind myself I have a pretty darn good life;
  • clear my living spaces of any clutter that is weighing me down – e.g., the desk top that has been piled with papers and pamphlets all summer long;
  • limit (not eliminate) time spent on social media and playing games on my tablet or phone – you would be surprised at how much time I can waste trying to win at Spider Solitaire;
  • get outside for my walks on a more regular basis – my measly 3 times a week is not conducive for improving my morale…and besides, it will be winter soon and then the weather will force me to move inside to a track for many of my walks;
  • remind myself that being is just as important as doing – it’s okay that I spent 2 1/2 days last week just reading a novel instead of cleaning my bathrooms;
  • realize I am responsible for my reactions to circumstances out of my control – e.g., I can’t control the weather or the change of seasons, but I can control how I deal with them…adjust my attitude.

The bottom line here is I need to play an active role in pulling myself out of this slump.    I’m wondering if any of you also experience a mild (or major) slowdown at this time of year, and if so, what do you do to overcome it (or not)?  I’d love to see your comments below.


3 thoughts on “Fall is No Time for Being in a Slump…

  1. Maggie, I feel like you’re being hard on yourself! You’re getting to the boys games, and I think you’re volunteering at their school again. I’m sure you’re getting some meals on the table. Maybe that’s all you need to be doing right now and that does not make you a slug. You’re retired! Play Solitaire all you want! You’ll be constructive another day.
    I do know how long spells on my iPad can make me feel the same way you’ve described, though.
    Thanks for your blog.

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