Everything’s new again…

It’s 2017…a new year!

new experiences, new challenges, new opportunities, new methods, new failures, new products, new directions, new events, new sadness, new happiness, new exercise, new sights, new prayers, new realizations, new disappointments, new celebrations, new traditions, new babies, new deaths, new movies, new books, new endings

New Beginnings

That’s a whole lotta new stuff; but, I figure we all will encounter most of it in 2017.  As self-help books and articles will tell us, it’s up to us how we deal with all of this.  Our attitude is key.  We can feel overwhelmed with all that the year brings, or we can feel energized with the possibilities…have a negative attitude or a positive attitude.  And, I’m guessing, on any given day we may bounce between the two, so the trick will be to focus on staying positive.  I wish there was a set of specific instructions as to how to do that, but there isn’t – each of us will have to find our own ways of dealing with life’s happenings.

I’ve always felt the flip of the calendar into the new year offers me a clean slate – a chance to try new things, improve my behavior and outlook on life, and face each day with a positive attitude.  I know I have to work hard to stay focused and make the most of those opportunities.  It would be easy to fall off the wagon, so to speak, after just a few weeks.  Kind of like the masses of people you see at the gym on January 1 certain that this will be the year they maintain a regular exercise program; then, after a few weeks, you never encounter them again.  (Maybe the ease of falling short is why I choose not to make specific resolutions – it’s too difficult to keep them, and I don’t want to feel like a failure.)

Today, I am full of optimism and wishing that each of you reading this, and I, will face 2017 with a positive attitude towards all the new things life will throw at us.  I am not able to take credit for the phrase an attitude of gratitude; but, I have found that acknowledging all the good things in my life on a daily basis, helps me to appreciate each day.

And, oh, by the way, I have set a goal for 2017 to attempt to post a blog a couple of times a month.  (Notice the word, attempt – gives me an out if I fail.)  I realize it has been two months since I last posted so I know I have some work to do here!

Happy New Year!


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